Ningbo Symphony Orchestra (NBSO) was established in 2015, and is an institution directly subordinate to Ningbo Bureau of  culture , Radio, TV, Press and Publication. Currently, it has the Dean of Central Conservatory of Music and world-renowned conductor Professor Feng Yu as the orchestra’s artistic director and chief conductor.

Because of its unique location at the international port city of Ningbo, NBSO has attracted myriad of visitors over the years. Moreover, the Orchestra also bears the goal of achieving the level of professionalism, that will turn it into the first class orchestra in the Greater China, as well as being renowned around world. In fact, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has earned supports from the Municipal Party Committee and City Government. With the guidance from Dean Mr. Feng Yu, the Orchestra has already adopted innovative and scientific management mechanisms to produce a professional environment. Since its establishment, the Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has since attracted over 80 world-class concert performers from all around the globe. An impressive array of renowned musicians in China and around the world has performed with NBSO in the past two year, including conductors Feng Yu , Xiaotang Xia, Lin Chen, Tao Lin and Alexander Vitlin, violinist Feng Ning, pianist Yundi Li and Jin Ju.

With the advantages and aids mentioned above, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has developed rapidly, and attended various national and international events, such as the opening ceremony of the 15th Aisa Arts Festival and the 2016 Ningbo the Southeast Asia Cultural City, the 1st Beijing International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition for Young Pianists, One Night in Ningbo hosted by APEC Urbanization Senior Level Forum,and the opening ceremony of the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo. In addition, the Orchestra has also represented China to participate in the Korea Jeju International Band Festival, and was widely acclaimed. Because of these events, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has become increasingly well known and influential in the world. In 2017, NOSO establish the first music season (2017-2018 musical season), and has made great artistic achievements. So far, NOSO has completed the Tschaikovsky Symphonie No. 4, 5 and 6 , and Scheherazade. Performed opera Carmen with Taiwan Creation Opera Troupe in Taipei and other places with great achievement.

In the meantime, NBSO has also strived to foster the city’s appreciation to classical music, hosting events such as free open days, classical music lectures, grade school music classes, classic music in universities and other musical education programs. Because of these, Ningbo Symphony Orchestra has becoming the face for the City of Ningbo.